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I've been telling myself that i'll either buy or customise a length check shirt so that I can track my growth process properly. I haven't done so yet and I do intend to get one but in the meantime i've decided to make one and show you guys how it's done incase you want to make one for yourself as well.

It's quick and easy, I promise you, 10 minutes tops and you're done!
Here are the things you will need:

A ruler

A pen or a marker. I went for a pen because the lines I created with a marker on another shirt wipes off every time I wash it. I'm not up for drawing on lines every time I wash the shirt or every time I want to do a length check. I noticed that pens don't wash off as easily. Here I'm using a liquid ink pen, but you can get away with just a normal pen.

And of course, the T-shirt of your choice. I'm using an extremely old T-shirt, so please pardon the "shabby" look.

The process:
1. Measure two inches from the neckline or collar of your T-shirt and place a mark then rule a line. This is your starting point. If you have shorter hair, do the same thing. Don't worry, you'll get there eventually!

2. From your starting line measure one inch marks and rule lines across the T-Shirt, stopping about three inches above the hemline of your shirt. If you have a higher goal, good for you, keep going!
Quick tip: place a cardboard inside your shirt before you begin. This prevents the ink or marker from staining the front of your shirt. In this case I used my sketchpad.

3. (Optional) Number your lines from one through to wherever your lines end. Mine stopped at 18.
And you're done! See, I told you it was quick and easy.

I'm not trying on my Length Check shirt yet because my length check is due in March and I just know that I'll be tempted to do one now.
Stay tuned!

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